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Climate Action Plan

Sustainability LogoThe University of New Mexico is committed to reducing energy usage and our impact on the environment. Our president, Dr. David J. Schmidly, is passionate about environmental issues and in April 2008 led the way for the University to adopt “Sustainability” as a core value.

In writing our first Climate Action Plan (CAP), we followed two parallel paths. The Carbon Neutral Task Force formed by the Sustainability Council and headed by Jeff Zumwalt, Associate Director - Utilities, met for over a year and developed a list of projects. These projects outline specific actions and goals that UNM can accomplish in five yearincrements with a reasonable level of funding and technological advances. A description of these projects can be found in Part VI of this document. We also asked Dr. Bruce Milne, director of the Sustainability Studies program, and his Sustainability 434 students to assist us in the CAP process and they put together a report titled “Carbon Neutrality at UNM.” The students presented this plan at an open forum in May and invited the UNM community, neighborhoods associations, local environmentalists, and others to give their input.

The documents compliment each other as they cover all aspects of sustainable practices and emphasize the desire and ability of the students, staff, faculty, and administration of UNM to reach carbon neutrality. The Office of Sustainability combined both documents into the attached Climate Action Plan.

We submit this Climate Action Plan, a combination of ideas and ideals, conceived to continue UNM on its path to a sustainable future.

- UNM Sustainability Council, September 2009

View the Climate Action Plan for the University of New Mexico Main Campus.