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Green Fund

Application for University of New Mexico Green Fund

Please send completed applications with supporting documents to the UNM Office of Sustainability at or 277-1250 (FAX). You will be sent a confirmation e-mail verifying that the proposal was received. For more information please contact Mary Clark at or 277-1142.


The funds cannot go towards:

  • Credits or offsets such as carbon credits, green tags, or renewable energy certificates.
  • Budget shortfalls.
  • Salaries except as direct wages on a project, as appropriate.
  • Operational expenditures or reoccurring costs.
  • Chartered student organizations that already receive student fees.
  • Partial funding of a project.

The University of New Mexico (UNM) Green Fund is a collection of resources meant to be used in pursuance of sustainability at UNM. This fund’s establishment is to promote all types of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. The Green Fund as an operable tool should function to assist UNM and subsidiaries in accomplishing long term viability via providing opportunities and initiatives that would otherwise go unfunded.


The Green Fund is supported by student fees and can be used to fund projects or initiatives both educational and infrastructural for the University of New Mexico campus and community. This funding is meant to encourage and foster long term sustainability of the University of New Mexico as both a physical place and as an intellectual community.

Evaluation criteria for proposed projects:

  • Impact on carbon footprint including use of energy efficiencies or renewable energy.
  • Increasing students’ awareness of environmental issues.
  • Educating and engaging students, staff, and faculty in “green” behaviors.
  • Highly visible, conspicuous and noticeable projects.
  • Use of matching funds from other organizations.
  • Partnership with UNM Department or organization, which can ensure successful completion of proposed project or initiative.
  • Specific in scope of work and expected outcomes.

Greenfund Application

Applicants may be required to provide additional information prior to application being considered for approval. No funds will be distributed for any approved project or initiative except to pay directly for goods or services. All payments will be processed by the UNM Office of Sustainability.