Sustainability at UNM

The University of New Mexico is a pioneer in sustainability and a committed steward of the Earth’s natural resources. We encourage sustainable practices that support the University’s academic, research, health care, and community service mission.

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LEED Buildings

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Recycling Bins on Campus

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500 Tons

Campus Waste Diverted from Landfill Each Year

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100 Million

Gallons of Savings from Low-flow Toilets

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Solar Power Systems

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Campus Community Gardens

Campus Utilities Production

39% reduction in carbon footprint from the District Energy System using cogeneration

  • UNM can produce 243,000 pounds per hour of steam, 14,300 tons of chilled water; and generate 14 megawatts of electricity
  • Over 90% of campus buildings have advanced Building Automation Systems (BAS) for maximum efficiency
Building Energy Consumption

25% reduction in total UNM building energy consumption since 2008, which is equivalent to:

  • 293,597 metric tons of CO2 removed
  • 7,488,986 tree seedlings grown for one year
  • 60,848 cars not driven for one year